Fifty Unique Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long hair is fun and feminine and you get a chance to get a new style every day. However, long hair is strenuous to manage and requires high maintenance for you to get a great look. Styling long hair does not necessarily mean difficult and time-consuming. There are beautiful simple hairstyles that will make your locks look gorgeous.

Braided Long Hairstyles

Long hair looks awesome when braided and this is an easy style that you can make by yourself. You can choose from the normal three strands braid, fishtail braids, French braids, or Dutch braids. You can create amazing and beautiful hairstyles with braids and a bit of creativity. Unique braided hairstyles for your long hair include:

  • Side braided ponytail;
  • Shoulder side flowing fishtail braid;
  • Side parted triple braid bun;
  • Four strand accent side braid with straight free hairstyle;
  • Five braids bun with long curtain bangs;
  • Braided headband style;
  • Little fishtail braids;
  • Double boho braid;
  • Pull through pony braid;
  • Front to side braided messy bun;
  • Long fishtail pony;
  • Braided parting and headband;
  • Long full braids;
  • Side braids with side-parted backflow;
  • Side parted messy side fishtail braid;
  • Middle parted double braid;
  • Braid in a side braid;
  • Half Dutch ponytail.

Straight Long Hairstyles

Longhair that is naturally straight is easy to style as it more often than not requires drying and styling. You may choose to keep it straight and simple or try one of these great hairstyles:

  • Side ponytails;
  • Bangled and straight with highlights;
  • Side parted with Inward chopped bangs;
  • A polished side part and side flow;
  • Diagonal side-parted pin back;
  • Side slicked with a puffy crown;
  • Middle parted ponytail;
  • Side swept layered strands;
  • Flipped out straight hair;
  • Neat long layers;
  • Side parted burgundy with long fringe;
  • Flattened tresses;
  • One side sling bun;
  • Twisted bun;
  • Braided flower crown;
  •  Back pinned double twist.

Wavy and Curly Long Hairstyles

Long hair looks awesome with wavy or curly hairstyles. Be sure to select a wavy style that rhymes perfectly with your natural wavy pattern. Curly hairstyles are great with long voluminous hair that is naturally curly. These are some of the unique wavy hairstyles that will make your long hair pop:

  • Middle parted bed-head hairstyle;
  • Big and voluminous curls;
  • Sassy side-parted beachy waves;
  • Mermaid waves with highlights or color strips;
  • Pinned back curls with blunt bangs;
  • Double toned mid-part curls;
  • Shinny highlighted fluffy curls;
  • Slicked back waves;
  • Middle parted amped up waves;
  •  Classic wavy pony;
  • Wet waves;
  • Cuffed updos;
  • Bobby pinned waves;
  • Flirty wavy ponytail;
  • Wavy double ponytail;
  • Long layers with golden waves.

Any of these hairstyles will allow you to get anew awesome long hairstyle to make you look lavish and attractive every day.

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